Gluten and Dairy-free Caramel

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  2. Okay – I got diagnosed a year ago with a milk allergy and I’m slowly working my way through my dairy free wishlist. Dairy-free ice cream – check, dairy-free chocolate – check, dairy-free cheesecake – check, caramel – working.

    I tried this one today and I’m wondering if you’re watching more for the temperature or for a certain color or consistency? It turned a light golden caramel color and hit 248’F and I stirred it at that temp for a bit, then took it off the burner, added the vanilla and put it in the pan. How long will it take to cool and thicken (I’m going on 4 hours now and it’s still pretty gloopy). I’m also wondering if you recommend a copper bottom (or metal bottom) pan or if you did this in a non-stick – granny swears it makes a difference. And another question is were you working on a gas stove or electric?

    • I look for the temp more than the color. I think the color isn’t as dark as dairy carmel or the carmel at the store… I make my carmel in a stainless steel pan (it’s what I have laying around here). I don’t use non-stick at home. I would love to get a copper pot sometime, as it’s supposed to be awesome to cook in, but that is a wish-list luxury item right now. It sets up pretty quickly (I can tell it’s firming fairly soon and need to keep it warm if I am dipping apples as it will get too thick to dip and stick). Usually when making carmel candy, I stick it in the pan, put it up high and walk away from it (so I and my kids stop looking at it and poking it) and then come back later and check it out when I have the time. I am not sure how long it takes for sure, but 4 hours seems like too long of a time to me. Maybe try refrigerating it after cooled to room temp? I have a gas burner and electric oven.

      Also, if you need a corn syrup replacement and don’t want to make your own, you can use Lyle’s Golden Syrup.

  3. Hi Angela,
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  4. Thank you soooo much! Two children I babysit (brothers) recently went on the GFCF diet, and I’ve been trying to figure out how to make treats for them for Halloween, since that is going to be our afternoon activity a couple of times this month. I wanted to do caramel apple slices, but knew they couldn’t have “real” caramel. I think we’re going to try this recipe for ALL the kids, so that no one feels left out. Thanks again!

  5. I just made these caramels today and they are great! I actually can’t stand the taste of coconut, so I was a bit worried, but you really can’t taste it at all. The recipe did make a whole lot more than I’d expected, so I have one questions. Is it possible to freeze the caramel pieces for later use? Thanks.

    • I am so glad you liked them! Yep, I freeze these for later all the time. They sometimes can get a bit sticky, of course, depending on how long they have been frozen and how well they are wrapped, but are still yummy for eating and melt well for other things.

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  7. Hi. Thanks for this recipe. Btw: Re: Caramel popcorn. I MISS it, too! Have recently happily discovered that Cracker Jacks is vegan tho, so it is Dairy Free (not sure if it’s gluten free, but think so…). Hope this info helps 🙂

  8. Can I use all coconut milk? My son is alllergic to nuts.

    • You sure can! I made it with coconut the last time and it worked great.

      Sorry it took so long to get back to you, but my blog has moved to and I see the comments there sooner… Hope to see you there!

    • Tammy, my niece is allergic to nuts, so I used Soy creamer last time. It worked really well.

  9. Made caramel apples with this recipe today – it was great! Thanks so much!

  10. Do you think I could use coconut sugar instead of regular sugar in this recipe? I have used it to make caramel sauce before, so I don’t see why I couldn’t use it, but it’s pretty expensive, so I wanted to see what you thought before trying it.
    Thanks for your help!

  11. I made the caramels cooking them to the soft caramel candy temperature. After pouring into the pan to cool, the oil from the coconut milk separated out and set up as a white layer of fat on top. Even after chilling in the fridge the caramels ran when I tried to cut them. I stored them in the fridge and tried some later with a spoon, but it was a gloppy/stringy texture. I finally heated it slightly and added peanut butter, which made it smooth out and kept the oil combined. I liked it well enough, but would really like to make it plain caramel. Any suggestions?

  12. Thank you, thank you. My daughter’s milk allergy is life threatening and she’s had it her whole life, 18 years. I had to learn how to cook all over again. I didn’t think I would ever find a caramel candy recipe that she could have but here it is, I am so thrilled. My recently born grand daughter (my oldest daughter’s) is also allergic to milk, soy, rice and wheat. My daughter, who is nursing cannot eat those foods. I was looking for a special treat for both my daughters and this recipe is perfect for both of them. Hopefully it will become a Christmas tradition in our home.

  13. Made a half recipe of this today. I used Lyle’s syrup, an Earth Balance Buttery Stick, and canned coconut milk. I made a dipping sauce, using my new, accurate digital thermometer, and adjusted the temperature for altitude. I went to 232 degrees F to have a stiffer sauce, which would have been about 234.5 degrees F at sea level. I wanted some caramel to eat with slices of four Haralson apples from a little tree we have. That was our crop this year. Thanks for the recipe!

    • angelaskitchen

      Just seeing this as I am over at now. I am so glad the recipe worked well for you! 🙂

  14. Made this today for my gfcf kids. First time they’ve had caramel in two years. HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY! They loved it! Thank you so much!

    • angelaskitchen

      I am just now seeing this comment as I am over at now. I am so very glad your kiddos liked the recipe! Thanks for letting me know! 🙂

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