I’m moving!!

You can now find me at angelaskitchen.com

Join us for the next part of our gluten and dairy free journey at angelaskitchen.com

The blog is switching over to be hosted by the wonderful tela.com.  If you need to find hosting, you couldn’t find a nicer, more patient host to work with, especially if you are a big computer chicken not the least bit tech savy, like I am.  The site will look similar for a while, but we should have some nice features for you coming up.  Thanks, Mike!


If you have my site bookmarked as angelaskitchen.com you are all set and will not have to do a thing.  It will transfer automatically this weekend.  However, if you have angelaskitchen.wordpress.com bookmarked you will need to switch to angelaskitchen.com so you don’t miss upcoming posts (like the homemade gluten and dairy free tagalongs being posted later this afternoon.  Yowza!)  If you are part of the facebook group, the links to new posts will also be available there during the transition.


Thank you for all your patience during the transfer.  I am super excited to step this to the next level.  There is so much in store over the next couple of months to share with you all!  I am glad you are taking this journey with me.

2 responses to “I’m moving!!

  1. Hi, my name is Joni Coombe. I want to make your recipe for
    coconut yogurt but I’m finding it hard to find the gluten and milk free
    live culture yogurt that you use in the recipe. Can you help me with a

    • angelaskitchen

      Hi, Joni,

      I am sorry I did not see this right away. I am over at angelaskitchen.com now and missed this comment.

      I have used Silk and WholeSoy live culture yogurts. For a soy free yogurt, you can use plain So Delicious Coconut Milk Yogurt.

      In the post I have links to G I Pro Health, and apparently G.E.M. Cultures. Also, at the bottom of the post is someone else’s experience with a starter from Custom Probiotics. You can mail order on the internet from those companies.

      Hope that helps!

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