Coconut Yogurt

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  3. I am anxious to try your coconut yogurt, and I think I understand your directions. However, I suspect that there are some great photos interspersed with the directions, that are not showing up on my screen, which probably would confirm what I think you’re saying. If you can tell me how to get those photos, I would be ever so grateful.

    In case there is no way to view the photos, would you please clarify the part about the glass measuring pitcher with a lid. First I thought you set the quart jar down in the pitcher of hot water, but then decided that the lidded pitcher of water is instead, a source of heat next to the jar of yogurt in the cooler.

    If it doesn’t set, do you just stir the additional starter into the jar, and refill the other vessel with hot (or boiling) water? Could 2 or 3 quart jars with lids substitute for the lidded pitcher? Thanks, Christie

    • angelaskitchen

      You are right. There are photos, but I haven’t reattached them after the blog move as I have to attach each photo by hand and hand link each recipe back onto the recipe page. That is taking much longer than I had hoped! Oof!

      I will work on this one tomorrow (Thursday, 3-5-09) and get all the photos hooked up for you. Thanks for letting me know you needed it sooner!

      I hope it works well for you!

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  6. This post was really helpful. Thank-you!

  7. I’ll try this for my next batch! Right now I’m trying my first batch of yogurt in my new Yogourmet maker. I once made it in a thermos, but I wanted to buy a new contraption anyway!

    Where do you get those great plastic lids for Ball jars???

    They look great! I’d love to have some.

    • angelaskitchen

      I got the lids at Fleet Farm, but I have seen them at my local grocery store, Walmart and at Target. You can order them on line also. I usually find them with the other canning stuff with the lids and rings. They come in regular and wide mouth sizes. They are great!

  8. HI! I make my own yogurt from raw milk, but would love to try this kind. Homemade yogurt does end up more runny b/c commercial yogurt often uses a thickener. I strain my yogurt with cheesecloth to make it thicker. And I feed the watery fermented whey to the dog for her digestive health. 🙂

    I can’t wait to make this coconut yogurt! THanks!

  9. I am trying this tomorrow. We just found coconut milk yogurt about 2 weeks ago and my mult. food allergy 5 yo LOVES it. I’m not sure yet but, I think it is clearing his eczema. The stuff in the store is so expensive so I hope he likes it homemade.

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  11. Angela,
    I just discovered coconut milk yogurt at my specialty food store and my kids ATE IT UP! It is very expensive, so when I found your website I jumped for joy! Our family has been GFCFSF for 3 1/2 years and yogurt is something we all missed! I can’t wait to try this recipe…THANK YOU for making it sound so easy! Off to Walmart for those fab plastic lids….wish me luck!

  12. I made your recipe using my Total Chef yogurt maker. The first time, I tried using Turtle Mountain’s coconut milk from a carton, their coconut yogurt as a starter, and cornstarch instead of tapioca starch. I ended up with a watery mess, so I tried again, following your directions, without substitutions, and it turned out fabulous! Perfect consistency, thick, creamy, and heavenly. Thanks for putting up a great recipe that will be a new staple in my lactose-free repertoire.

    • I tried making coconut milk yogurt with milk from a carton (So Delicious brand – which is a Turtle Mountain product, now that I look it up) too, and it also did not work. I suspect there are some preservatives in the cartoned milk which prevent the fermentation process from starting.

      I’m trying again now with an Asian brand of canned coconut milk, with So Delicious plain coconut yogurt as a starter, and it appears to be working much better (it’s not done yet).

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  14. I accidentally put too much culture in my coconut meat mix (for yogurt)… will this spoil it? will it ferment any faster?

  15. I’ve been searching for information on making coconut yogurt and your information is wonderfully detailed. Thank you! I’ve tried it before and got a runny product but added too many cultures…it was very watery. I will try it again.

  16. Gelatin is not even vegetarian……just so you know:)

    • Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am aware of gelatin not being vegetarian, though I appreciate you pointing it out for those who may not know. :o) We were vegan for many years, but are not any longer. We make coconut yogurt due to severe food allergies, so gelatin is a viable option for us. If you would like, you could use agar or use the tapioca thickener. We get the most consistent results from using the tapioca thickener and that is what I always use now.

      Thanks for stopping by, and happy cooking!

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  18. I found a dairy free yogurt starter at Dairy Connection. I think it’s or just google it. I have also used an electric heating pad or hot water bottle in the cooler instead of the boiling water in a bowl.

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  20. Hi,
    I’m searching for recipes for coconut yogurt, and I am wondering why none use coconut cream (canned) as it is much thicker? It is what I have on hand….maybe I’ll just go ahead and try it….

    • angelaskitchen

      I only use coconut milk in the can to make yogurt. In fact, I wrote this before coconut milk was in a drinkable form in cartons. Use full fat coconut milk in cans , not light, for best results. I received a comment from someone who made it with the kind from the carton and it was soupy, so your instincts are correct. 🙂

      I blog at now, so you can find more gluten and dairy free recipes there. Hope this works for you!

  21. I used your technique for the yogurt then put the jar in my yogurt maker. After the fermentation time I see some strange colors on the top. There is yellow, a pinkish and grayish looking spots. I am wondering if anyone has any idea what these are? I am assuming it should probably not be eaten…

  22. Hi! Thanks for this recipe. My son and I can’t eat dairy and the store bought coconut yogurt has sugar added. So this has been perfect. I made my third batch tonight and it gets eaten within one day!

  23. After I originally left a comment I appear to have clicked on the -Notify me when new comments are added- checkbox and now every time a comment is added I get four emails with the exact same comment. Perhaps there is a way you can remove me from that service? Cheers!

  24. I was so glad to find a recipe for coconut yogurt! Thanks for the clear directions AND pictures! I am going to try it this week. Jackie

  25. I make my coconut yogurt with a UHT coconut cream called Kara. (I’m in Australia, so have no idea what may be available elsewhere in the world). I place 1 litre of coconut cream into the container of my electric yogurt maker and microwave it for about 1 minute. I then whisk in 30g of powdered glucose and about 50ml of yogurt I have retained from a previous batch. I then incubate it for around 8 to 10 hours, depending on how sour I want it to be. After 24 hours in the fridge, it’s really thick – you can just about stand a spoon up in. I also make a cream cheese by draining it through muslin for several hours – great for cheesecakes 🙂

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