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Menu Plan Monday – March 29, 2010

The host for the Gluten Free Menu Swap this week is Gluten Free Goodness.  The theme is Cheep and Easy Foods which is pretty much all I make during the week.  We eat mainly whole foods, and do all our baking from scratch which keeps the cost down tremendously.  As the big kids are also helping with the cooking now (one time a week one of them makes dinner – yay!), the easy part is a must when you are teaching or learning different cooking techniques.  You don’t have to make dinner too complicated to get a great meal when you are using fresh, whole ingredients, thank goodness!  This week my menu is pretty chicken heavy, as our local free range chicken is on sale.

Gluten Free Menu Swap Monday

For more menu ideas head over to Laura’s for Menu Plan Monday.

Monday:  Mom subs in library/Boy Scouts

Pepper Steak over rice (brown jasmine, presoaked) and salad

Tuesday: Mom in school library/no piano this week/make cookie dough, chill

Mushroom Herb Chicken with broccoli

Wednesday: No dance this week/youth group/bake cookies

Tangy brown sugar-mustard chicken and mixed veggies

Thursday: Decorate cookies, freeze/bake mini carrot cupcakes

Chicken Escarole Soup with GF French Bread

Friday: Dye eggs/Decorate carrot cupcakes, freeze

Thai Chicken Pizza and salad

Saturday: finish prepping for Easter/make Easter Story Cookies with kids/set frozen cinnamon rolls and hot cross buns to thaw in fridge for morning

Omelettes and salad

Sunday: Easter/bake cinnamon rolls and hot cross buns for breakfast with homemade apple turkey sausage and fruit.

Apricot and herb glazed ham, salad, roasted spring veggies, fresh fruit, gf cardamon orange twists, rosemary-apricot rolls, mini carrot cupcake, brown sugar cookies, Easter Story cookies.


Menu Plan Monday – March 15, 2010

Hey, there!  I get to host the Gluten Free Menu Swap this week.  Woo!  If you would like a chance to host, drop Cheryl from Gluten Free Goodness a line.  She would love to hear from ya!

This week I picked fermented foods as the theme ingredient.  Kim chi, pickled garlic and gingered carrots are all in my fridge right now, waiting to perk up our meals with their tastiness and active beneficial probiotics.  A new batch of coconut yogurt will be made today and this week (being spring break for us) gluten-free sour dough pancakes will be made.  Do you ferment?  Everybody does eat foods that have used the process, such as true soy sauce (timari) or wine (if you drink it).  Even cacao beans must be fermented before they can be turned into rich dark chocolate.  Mmmm…. Fermentation – it’s delicious!

This week is my kid’s spring break, so kid food that is easy on the Mama (hey, I want a spring break, too!).  My big kids will be making a couple of this week’s meals, so those are still in the process of being decided.  One fun thing we are making this week is maple syrup.  My son is tapping the maple trees in the yard and we already have a good gallon or so of sap from a couple of hours on Sunday.  I can’t wait to see what we get for syrup this week.  Even if we just end up with a little syrup, it is turning out to be a fun spring break project for us!

For more menus, check out Menu Plan Monday.  The Gluten Free Menu Swap will be posted right after my menu below.  Come back Friday for Gluten Free-zer Friday.

Gluten Free Menu Swap Monday

Monday:  Spring break!/orthodontist apt

Taco salad with fermented salsa

Tuesday:  spring break!/teeth extraction for my little one (yuck!  Poor thing…)/piano lessons if my little one is up to it after the dentist…

Sour dough waffles, apples with cinnamon, homemade turkey sausage

Wednesday:  spring break!/dance/youth group

Curried chicken salad, mixed greens, mangos, kim chi (fermented, baby!) and gluten free French bread (I know, I should do something Irish…  but we’ll be doing something for St. Patrick’s day for lunch, I think.)  We ended up having roasted rosemary-thyme sweet potato & potato oven fries, omelette and a salad

Thursday: Spring break!

chicken  & veggie stir-fry, rice

Friday: Spring break!/boy sleepover

My oldest daughter is making dinner – her choice (not decided yet) She made Thai Chicken Pizza, salad and brownies.  It was delicious!  Thanks, honey!

Saturday: dance class for older daughter

My son making dinner – his choice (not decided yet)

*    *    *    *    *    *    *

What will be on everyone else’s plate?

Heather at Celiac Family has a busy March, but is still putting together a yummy menu for her family.  Cilantro Lime Shrimp, Parmesan chicken Nuggets, Baked Salmon with a Balsamic Glaze and Southwestern Chicken Salad (all with recipe links – yay!) are on the menu using balsamic vinegar, salsa, and gluten free beer as her fermented foods this week.  She is also making a yummy St. Patrick’s Day meal with Irish Potato Faris which I may need to make for an Irish lunch that day for my kids.  Thanks, Heather!

Winter Olympic Cupcakes & Menu Plan Monday – March 8, 2010

So, we got through the illness last week, then cleaned and cleaned anything that may have had nasty, disgusting germs on it.  By the time Friday rolled around, we were ready to go for my older daughter’s delayed birthday party.  We celebrated with family and Princess Bride cupcakes on her actual birthday, but she wanted something different to have with friends.  Her choice?  Winter olympic cupcakes.

Yep.  Those are snowboards, skis, ice skates, and olympic rings made from homemade fondant on half gluten and dairy free vanilla and half chocolate cupcakes.  They were a lot of fun to make for my sweetie.

*     *     *     *     *

Head over to Laura’s for Menu Plan Monday.  The Gluten Free Menu Swap is being hosted this week by Asparagus Thin.  She has picked Red Carpet Meals as her theme.  Fun!  but…  I’m afraid the closest I’m getting to anything “Red Carpet” style is if juice gets spilled this week.

Gluten Free Menu Swap Monday

Monday:  Boy Scouts/Mommy teaches gluten and dairy free class my class was cancled

Beef Empanadas, salad, steamed mixed veggies

Tuesday:  mom volunteer in school library/Piano lessons

Maple chicken and salad

Wednesday:  dance class/youth group

Black Bean Soup, blender corn bread, raw broccoli/cauliflower mix

Thursday:  Caddette Girl Scouts

To be determined later…  Yep, total cop out on the menu plan  ;o)

Friday:  1st Grade Field trip (Yay!!)

To be determined later…  SPRING BREAK IS STARTING!!  WOO!!

Menu Plan Monday – February 22, 2010

From the Spring '09 Club 56 Fun Night.

Head over to Organized Junkie for Menu Plan Monday.  The Gluten Free Menu Swap is being hosted this week by Asparagus Thin.  She has chosen radish as the theme ingredient.

Gluten Free Menu Swap Monday

My freezer is pretty bare right now, so this week I’ll be working on getting my freezer stocked with some food (and working on my Once a Month Mom Cook Off), so most of my meals are doubled up –  one for the meal and one (or more) for the freezer.  It’s how I do most of my freezer cooking.  I don’t usually double up a meal  everyday of the week, however, as I am this week.  I am just getting a jump start on my freezer filling this week.

Usually, I double up meals for freeze only two or three days a week.  Days that are not very busy, or I know I can pack the slow cooker with an extra meal, or if there is a big sale on an item.   It only takes me a few extra minutes while everything is out for dinner to assemble an extra meal with the same ingredients.  Then, for the other days of the week, I often use freezer meals from past weeks, or the slow cooker to get dinner on the table with a minimum of fuss.  Everyone thinks I must spend all day in the kitchen, but the truth is I really only fully cook dinner a few days a week.  My homemade freezer meals and slow cooker take care of the other days. It saves my sanity and schedule, let me tell ya!

Monday:  after school band play practice/Waligazu

Bake plan:  3 loaves gluten free/dairy free bread (reg loaf, cinnamon swirl, 1 baked like buns for Thursday night) and pumpkin muffins

Easy Taco Bake (one for tonight/one to freeze), salad

Tuesday: middle school spring pictures/mom volunteer in elementary library/after school band play practice/piano lessons

Pizza (make 6 in the morning- 3 for dinner/3 to freeze), salad.  Pack dinner for piano party with gf cupcakes from freezer.

Wednesday: after school band practice/little girl dance class

Beef Empadas (make in morning, most to freeze/some for dinner.  Ham, broccoli, and “cheese” empadas for anti-food girl), salad

Thursday:  Make pancake muffins/opening night of middle school play

Slow Cooker Turkey Sloppy Joes (half for dinner/half to freeze), roasted potatoes and sweet potatoes, and a salad

Friday: Make banana pancakes for breakfast (freeze extra)

General Tso Chicken with pea pods and broccoli, rice

Menu Plan Monday – February 15, 2010

Head over to Laura’s for Menu Plan Monday for lots of menu plan inspiration.  For the gluten free menu plans, Cheryl at Gluten Free Goodness is our host for the Gluten Free Menu Swap this week.  She has picked soups for the theme this week.  Woo!  I am a big soup fan and am loving the “excuse” to soup it up this week, especially with all the snow we have been shoveling.  If you would like to host a week of the Gluten Free Menu swap, drop Cheryl from Gluten Free Goodness an email; she would love to hear from you!

Gluten Free Menu Swap Monday

Come back Thursday for Slow Cooking Thursday and Friday for the February 2010 Once a Month Mom Dinners gluten and dairy free adaptions.  See you then!

Monday – NO SCHOOL/orthodontist apt for both girls/Caddy Girl Scouts/Boy Scouts/prep for upcoming class

Chicken Wild Rice Soup (mmmmm…  yummy!) gluten free thyme and walnut scones, salad

Tuesday – Piano lessons

Slow Cooker Black Bean Salsa Chicken (one for tonight, one to freeze – to be posted Friday), Blender Corn Bread

Wednesday – little girl dance class/youth group/gf class

Mini Meatball Soup (to be posted Thursday) and gluten free garlic bread

Thursday – Daisy Girl Scouts

Coconut Curried Chicken and veggies (one for dinner one to freeze to be posted Friday), cranberry broccoli salad and apple strussel muffins


Squash, Chickpea & Lentil Stew (with added cauliflower and kale) and crispy rosemary garlic gluten free bread sticks

Saturday – big girl dance class/Girl Scout cookie pick up

Tuna Noodle Veggie Casserole (one for dinner, one to freeze – posted on Friday) and a salad

Menu Plan Monday – February 8, 2010

I’m so excited this week because I am hosting the Gluten Free Menu Swap!  I have picked garlic for the theme ingredient for the week.  I will be adding links to everyone else’s menus throughout the day, so be sure to come back to see them all.

If you would like to host a week of the Gluten Free Menu swap, drop Cheryl from Gluten Free Goodness an email; she would love to hear from you!

Gluten Free Menu Swap Monday

Also, stop by Laura’s blog, the Organizing Junkie for Menu Plan Monday for other menu inspiration.  Laura put in brackets what she is cooking for her son (who has food allergies) along with each day’s meal this week.


The bifanas sandwiches (with our own gluten and dairy free buns) from Diary of a Stay at Home Mom were a big hit for the family.  I didn’t have garlic powder, so I thinly sliced garlic and rolled a few pieces into each of the pork cutlets before marinading.  Roasted peppers and caramelized onions topped our sandwiches off.  Yummy, and great food for a game night.  Thanks Sandra!

I have a poll up in the side bar if you would like to vote on what recipe you would like to see me post in February.    If you have any ideas of things you would like to see posted in future months, you can leave me a comment, also.  I really value your input.  Thanks!

Monday: Boy Scouts

Salmon & Sweet Potato Cakes and bok choy garlic saute

Tuesday: Mommy volunteer in school library/piano lessons/high school registration night

Slow Cooker Veggies and Orange Beef over rice

Wednesday: Dance class/youth group

Slow Cooker Garlic Chicken and a salad


Roasted Veggie Pizza with a salad

Friday: Mom helps with 1st grade math games

Thai Thighs, quinoa, and a salad

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

What ‘s on your plate?

Heather at Celiac Family uses a lot of garlic like I do.  She is is still digging out from the massive snow fall they had this weekend.  33″ in less than a week.  Yikes!  Sounds like they will stay worm and cozy, though, with the pulled pork sandwiches served with spicy slaw (I have to try that one – yum!), and her salmon with a balsamic glaze.  For Valentine’s Day Dinner she is making Chocolate Creme Brulee for dessert.  She has one lucky family!

Cheryl at Gluten Free Goodness has been baking up a storm while stuck at home:  gluten free croissants (!!), meringues, apple crisp and brownies.  Wow!  She has Chai Chicken, Red Lentil Dal (one of my favorite things) and Red Pepper Chicken on the menu this week.  It looks like she is treating her hubby to chocolate covered strawberries this week also.  Nice!  Be sure to drop her a line if you would like to host a week of the Gluten Free Menu Swap.

Esther at The Lilac Kitchen has a link to a garlic confit she has made.  It sounds like it would be great to have on hand.  This week she will be serving stir-fried vegs, sweet potato and parsnip sticks (I love the idea of parsnip fries), and fish.  We’ll have to keep an eye out for her Daring Cooks challenge later this week.  I love seeing how different cooks interpret the same recipe.

Menu Plan Monday – February 1, 2010

Can you believe it is February?  Sheesh!  Where did January go?  This weekend was all about dance:  my son’s SnoDaze dance for the 8th graders (gulp!) and the dance recital for both my girls.  So, a big weekend all around.  At some point it’s going to be easier on me that they are growing up, right?  Right?!?  (yeah, that’s what I thought…  sigh…)

My dancing girls:

January 2010 dance recital

January 2010 dance recital

January 2010 dance recital

The dude with the shaggy blond ‘do is my son.

He sure cleans up nice!

My big goal for this week in the kitchen is to update my freezer inventory sheet.  Organized Home has one I use.  It’s a free printable.  I make a single slash on the check off boxes for each item, then slash again (making an “x”) when I have used the item.  Easy-peasy.  I also use their pantry inventory sheet for the pantry stuff in the same way.  This is especially nice to use as I like to stock up on items when they are on sale, and put things up in the summer.  However, once things end up in the cupboard or freezer, I will forget what I have in there.  I just stick them on the side of my fridge or inside a cupboard door.

My other goal is to make breakfast muffins and waffles for the freezer for busy school mornings.  My big kids are home today, so we are working on that together.  I would like to get a few meal starters in the freezer.  That will really depend on the sales this week.  So far it’s mostly looking like “game day” type stuff, so I may have to wait for next week’s ad to get my freezer more stocked up.  I would also like to get some valentine cookies worked on and frozen for the kids and I to decorate.  Hearts, of course, but I saw these and fell in love!  They are so simple and so cute!  I think I will just use my dough, a pizza cutter and cut little squares (1″ ish maybe?), bake and then put and x on half and and o on half.  I won’t have to deal with any mini cutters that way.  We will package them up for the love-bugs in our life.  That may have to be a weekend project.

My menu plan features things I pretty much already have on hand, just filling out with some fresh fruits and veggies.  This week I have work (regular work-work) to do, a new class packet to work on, Gluten Free-zer Friday post, Girl Scout cookie orders to process (I am the Daisy troop cookie mom this year), and all the regular mommy-type stuff.  We have a week off from dance between sessions, though, so that is a nice break.  I will be back with a slow-cooker recipe on Thursday and Gluten Free-zer Friday on Friday.  Hope to see you then!

Head over to Laura’s for Menu Plan Monday.  This week she shares how she makes her meals for her family while at the same time having safe meals for her son (allergic to dairy, gluten, eggs, fish and nuts).  There are some good tips for those of you who may cook for just one family member who has allergies.  Be sure to check it out!

The Gluten Free Menu Swap is being hosted this week by Celiac Family.  They have chosen chocolate as the theme ingredient.  Perfect for February!  I’ll be making some gluten free dark chocolate-walnut-ginger biscotti as a treat to have in the freezer.  I plan on making some without the ginger (my little one isn’t as fond of it) for my kids for Valentines day as a treat (maybe with some dried cherries in it instead).  It’s a treat my kids like that doesn’t have the fat of other cookies, but still seems like a treat to them.  They like to dunk biscotti in warm hemp or almond milk with a dash of nutmeg in it.

Gluten Free Menu Swap Monday - Chocolate

Monday: Big kids off from school/boy to birthday sledding party/Boy Scouts

Five-Spice Pork Roast in the slow cooker (to be posted Thursday), mixed green salad

Tuesday: Mom volunteer in school library/after school set building/piano lessons (bring dinner packed up to eat there – hmm… maybe not fish then, or try to eat before we go.)

Roasted Fish with Potatoes, Tomatoes and Olives and a salad

Wednesday: Youth group

Sweet Potato Black Bean Chili from A Modern Gal (Celiac Family is making this this week also.  Great minds think alike, I guess!), blender corn bread (I will most likely double and freeze half for another day of the chili and the corn bread)

Thursday: newspaper club after school

Peanut Butter Marinaded chicken leg quarters, pineapple, mixed veggie stir-fry, homemade kimchi

Friday: band practice for play before school/Mommy help with 1st grade math games/5th & 6th grade fun night at church

Gluten Free Easy Taco Bake (a February Once a Month Mom GFCF adaption is on it’s way.), salad

What happens when you ask a 6 year-old to put away juice boxes? You get a princess castle.