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Organized Christmas – Day 37

Day 37 talks about simplifying holiday traditions.


The recipe is candy cane cookies.  I have a gluten and dairy free version in my Holiday Cookie e-book which our family uses.


Organized Christmas – Day 36

Day 36 is the kick off of Celebrate Week!  Woo!  Tidy up the loose ends in your holiday planning and start celebrating.

Today’s recipe is a silly stocking stuffer of “Reindeer Poop.”  Use the same filler ideas as for “Turkey Poop,” if you are so inclined.

Organized Christmas – Day 35

Day 35 of Organized Christmas is the beginning Catch-Up Weekend!  “This weekend, do the things that jumpstart your holiday feeling. Play the special carols music. Bake the family cookie recipe. Take in a live performance at church.”…”Whether it’s gifts or decorating, cards or cooking, catch up on what needs doing. But be good to yourself! Lighten up the load and lighten your hearts, because we’re almost there.”  


Today’s recipe is Banana-Nut Bread.  For a gluten and dairy free version I have two:  one gluten and dairy free Banana Bread and one free of the top 8 other allergens and refined sugar as well (Hannah Banana Bread).  Both are delicious.

Organized Christmas – Day 34

Day 34 for Organized Christmas talks about recording holiday memories and there is a free printable holiday journal form.


Today’s recipe is one we love to make:  cinnamon ornaments!  Yay!

Organized Christmas – Day 33

Day 33 lands on Thanksgiving, so the assignment is to give thanks!


Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!  

Organized Christmas – Day 32

On Day 32 of Organized Christmas, talks about enjoying the “Holiday House.”  Switching off the stress of the holidays and focusing on the childlike expectation of the upcoming season…


The recipe for the day says, “today’s recipe … What? You need a recipe, today of all days? Get back in that kitchen!”    Ha, ha, ha!

Organized Christmas – Day 31

Day 31 of Organized Christmas has us taking stock of what we have for decorating, organizing and cleaning it up.


Today’s recipe is Oatmeal Scotchies.  I haven’t found a dairy free butterscotch chip, so if any one has, please let me know!  I would replace this with Like Real Oatmeal Cookies from Delightfully Gluten Free.