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Menu Plan Monday (not really)- August 3, 2009

My menu plan isn’t getting up this week, but considering I haven’t gotten a menu posted for the past couple of weeks, I’m going to pretend like it is not a big deal!  I’m just going with the flow of the garden, meats from my freezer or on sale, and our schedule.  This means alot of stirfrys, grilling, dinner salads, dinner sandwiches and veggie omelettes for my family this time of year.  I hope everyone has been having a fun summer.  We have finally found time to wind down a bit.  Baseball, my older daughter’s soccer, orchestra, band, and camp are all done for the summer.  Whew!  Mini-kicker soccer has a couple of week’s left, but it is so laid back and fun, it’s not a big deal.

Last week the girl’s went to Ham Lake Baptist Camp.  My son attended 1st grade through 5th grade and my older daughter kindergarten though 5th grade. This was my little girls first year there.  It is a great little day camp.  If you are in the area, check it out for next year.  The campers bring their own lunches (great for the allergy kiddos) and there has always been a good option for us for snack time.  I can’t recommend this camp more.  We love it!

My hubby (1/2 marathon) and son (5K) ran the Urban Wildland this past weekend.

My husband is the guy in orange in the middle:


My son is the tall, shaggy blond blur on the left.  Woo!P1020217 (2)

I don’t have a good shot of my guys, but, look!  It’s our van!  (I don’t know who this guy is… just the van.)P1020212 (2)

Wait, there’s my son waaaaayy second to the left looking serious…DSC_0045

…and right in the center below the 5K start sign…IMG_3406

My son on the left looking like a crabby pants (I’m so proud).  You can tell he thinks running is just so fun!  (Just kidding, buddy – I’m sure you are focused on your running strategy… or something…)IMG_3411

Hubby by a guy letting everyone know he is “Sure.”IMG_3321

That guy is still airing out… man…IMG_3350

Hubby on the right.  Isn’t he cute?IMG_3356

How the boys did:

Husband on the 1/2 marathon: time: 1:54:48    pace: 8:46

Son on the 5K: time: 26:14    pace:   8:27

3-Day training for the week:

Virtual Personal Trainer

Countdown: 3 Weeks

Your Training Schedule for This Week:

Monday Rest
Tuesday 6 miles Easy walking
Wednesday 45 minutes Moderate cross-training
Thursday 6 miles Moderate walking
Friday 45 minutes Easy cross-training
Saturday 18 miles Easy walking
Sunday 8 miles Easy walking

Girl Scout Day Camp 2009 – Friday

Today is the end of Girl Scout camp.  This weekend I will update this week’s posts with how things went and photos of all the fun!

breakfast: cheerios or pancakes, toast, sausages, bacon, bananas, fruit mix, milk, apple and orange juice

a.m. snack: chocolate pudding in ice cream cones

lunch: Walking tacos (hamburger, cheese, tomatoes, lettuce, doritos, sour cream, taco mild sauce)


water and whatever is left

desert:  “must go”  (what ever dessert is left)

No cereal for us.  For breakfast I had made pancakes and sausage with fruit the other day for lunch.  I packed enough pancakes and sausage for each of us for breakfast, then served the rest for lunch.  When I made bacon for the calico bean meal, I packed some bacon into the breakfast containers also.  It’s camp let’s go wild!

I was able to find a flat bottom cake-style cone at my local gluten free store!  Yay!  They are the ones from Let’s Do… They are so great and just the right size.  I love this company’s products.  Their sprinkles (gluten free, dairy free, no artificial ingredients) make every thing fun!  We will bring ZenSoy pudding cups for the pudding.

For the walking tacos, I have more of the ground meat cooked with onions, green pepper and tomatoes, individual bags of corn chips. toffuti sour cream etc.  The camp has left over popsicles they are saving for the girl’s dessert.  Nice!

Girl Scout Day Camp 2009 – Thursday

Today at camp we are canoeing, doing archery, and having our tent sleep over.  At Girl Scout camp a sleepover always means s’mores!

a.m. snack: rice krispies bars (We are bringing our own gluten free ones)

lunch:  mini pizzas (english muffins, pizza sauce, cheese, pepperoni)

“Wood ticks on a toilet seat” (apples, cored and sliced in half horizontally, top with cream cheese or peanut butter, sprinkle with raisins or chocolate chips)

fruit punch, lemonade or water

cookies  (bring our own from freezer)

Dinner: pasta, sauce, motz cheese, salad, salad dressing, french bread, milk, water, punch

evening snack:   s’mores

We have gluten and dairy free krispie bars and cookies in the freezer (already individually wrapped so we just have to grab the number we need and go).  For the pizzas, I had one mini pizza already made in the freezer.  I made a batch of our favorite pizza crust then shaped and topped two more pizzas.  With the rest of the dough I made the sub buns for Wednesdays lunch and bread sticks for tonight’s dinner.

For dinner, I made gluten free veggie spirals noodles and topped with our own sauce to heat there.  We have veggie sticks instead of salad as it is more portable.

I have homemade graham crackers in the freezer, so those are being packed with marshmallows (I send their own baggies to roast so they aren’t crossed contaminated, etc.) and small squares of gluten and dairy free chocolate.  I tell the girls they are their “S’more Kits!”

Girl Scout Day Camp 2009 – Wednesday

Today we are going fishing with the girls at camp and going over canoes safety for when we go canoeing tomorrow.  And, of course, we are going to swim!

a.m. snack:  mixed up cracker snack

lunch: sub sandwiches (meat, cheese, pickles) cookies

root beer floats

For the snack the girls and I each have a bag of gluten free pretzels packed.

When I made mini pizzas and bread sticks for tomorrow’s food, I shaped part of the dough into 6″ sub buns.  I have the buns (sliced), a couple of types of GFCF deli-style meat in a baggie for each of us and baggies of pickles packed.  The camp has packets of mayo and mustard that are naturally gluten and dairy free and they will also have water melon and baby carrots.  I had our own chocolate chip cookies in the freezer to bring.  I made the camp cookies much larger than I normally do for home, so they would be extra fun for the girls.

The camp’s root beer is naturally gluten and dairy free and the camp bought a non-dairy, gluten free “ice cream” for us.  That is great!  Now I don’t have to figure out how to transport “ice cream” in a cooler!

Girl Scout Day Camp 2009 – Tuesday

DSCF1417 DSCF1416

My little girl and big girl are in a group together.  Their group did the flag ceremony this morning with my big girl being the caller.


a.m. snack: fruit kabobs

Lunch:  ants on a log (celery, choc chips, peanut butter)

Girl Scout Gumbo (hamburger, cheese, vegetable soup) with Frito’s

Brownies in a box

Fruit punch, lemonade and water

For our “appetizer” our group will be having cream cheese on out celery logs due to other allergies (no peanut products for our group!) so I am bringing Toffuti Cream cheese and GFCF chocolate chips.  The camp leader isn’t doing the more usual raisins on the “ants on a log” as she finds the girls flick them into the woods attracting critters…

For the gumbo, it’s the same as I have done in the past:  ground meat cooked with onion, green pepper and tomato.  We stir in a bit of Toffutti “sour cream” after heating at camp.  Bring corn chips in individual bags.

The girls will help make the brownies in a box.  The brownies will be cooked in a box oven, so it should be fun.  We are bringing our own already made gluten and dairy free brownies to eat.  There is a great tutorial on how to make a box oven here.


Menu Plan Monday – July 6, 2009

I’m walking 60 miles in the Breast Cancer 3-day!  Will you help me reach my goal?

This week the girls and I are off to Girl Scout Day Camp with our gluten and dairy free goodies.  I have pre-posted for each day this week what our camp menu is and what we are bringing instead, so keep an eye out for that.  The posts should be up by 7 a.m. Central time, if I have figured out the post time correctly.

For my dinner menu this week, I will be mostly using my crock pot and husband to get dinner on the table.  I have all my crock pot meals prepped and frozen.  I will only have to make rice or quinoa and a salad for dinner.  I wanted to keep dinner EASY for myself this week as each night I need to be sure to have the meals for the girls and I together for camp the next day.  Everything that can be done is in my freezer ready to go, but I need to be sure to gather the correct things so I am not in a rush in the morning.

Head over to Laura’s for Menu Plan Monday.  For the Gluten Free Menu Swap, see Gluten Free Goodness who is our host this week.  Cheryl has picked garlic, one of my favorites!  Next week I get to host – I so excited!

Monday: Girl Scout Day Camp/baseball game

Slow cooker Sweet and Sour Chicken, rice and salad

Tuesday: Girl Scout Day Camp/summer band/soccer game

G-ma’s Calico Beans (slow cooker), salad

Wednesday: Girl Scout Day Camp/youth group meeting/baseball game

Daddy’s cooking!

Thursday:  Girl Scout Day Camp (we’ll be staying overnight this night)/summer band

Daddy’s cooking!

Friday: Girl Scout Day Camp

Slow Cooker Chicken Jambalaya, rice or quinoa and salad


Girl Scout Day Camp – Monday’s Menu

Snack: Edible Fire This year they are using the following:

Rocks:   M&M’s – we are using Skittles.

Flame:  Candy Corn – we are using dried apricots cut into triangles.

Tinder:  Shoe String Potatoes – we are bringing a small uncontaminated can.

Kindling:  pretzel sticks – I tried to get the Glutano GF pretzel sticks, but my local store was out, so I got the GF pretzel twists.

Logs:  Licorice cut into chunks – We are using a mix of Candy tree Organic Raspberry Bites and GFCF Turkey Sticks

Coals:  Red Hots – my girls don’t like them, so we are using the red skittles for this one.

Water – to put out the fire…

Lunch: Hot dogs (they have all beef, no filler, naturally gluten and dairy free ones at camp.  Woo!), buns (made our own), baby carrots, ranch dressing (GFCF recipe here, but my kids aren’t into dip, so we are skipping it), ketchup (have our own packets), mustard (have our own packets), potato chips (bringing our own single serve packets for each of us).

Desert: Snicker Salad (used the alternatives here, but as I couldn’t find that candy this year, I am cutting up a EnviroKids Peanut Butter Panda Bar and tossing in a few GFCF chocolate chips to replace the snickers bar.  My kids are pleased with that replacement, and it is easy for me!  Gotta love it.)

The before going home snack everyday will be a popsicle (the camp has already GFCF ones) or fudgicle (the camp is getting a box of Toffuti fudge bars for us to have at camp.  How nice!)

Virtual Personal Trainer

Countdown to the 3 day walk: 7 Weeks

Your Training Schedule for This Week:

Monday Rest
Tuesday 5 miles Easy walking
Wednesday 45 minutes Moderate cross-training
Thursday 6 miles Moderate walking
Friday 45 minutes Easy cross-training
Saturday 17 miles Easy walking
Sunday 13 miles Easy walking

Banana Boats


We did this a couple of year’s ago on a camping trip and it’s now requested every time we go.  It sounds a little weird, but it is tasty.  My youngest, however, does NOT like things all mushed together, so she made herself a cold boat and ate the components one at a time.  (See above photo-the little cutie!)


Banana Boats



mini marshmallows

GFCF chocolate chips or peices

double layer of heavy duty foil


Lay out your double layer of foil.  Cut the long way into a banana (with peel still on!!) almost, but not completely through.  Stuff with chocolate and mini marshmallows.  

Fold foil around your creation, sealing well.  We fold and crimp the edges.  Put on grate over fire.  Roast for a few minutes, then flip.  After a couple of more minutes, carefully remove foil packet from fire and check if marshmallows and chocolate are melted and banana cooked.  If they are, scoop the resulting yummy-ness out with a spoon and eat!



No food – just pictures of our trip…

Can’t blog …must…wash…clothes….

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Friday, August 24, 2007 – 01:43 PM
What fun!  What a beautiful place…
Do I even WANT to know what Tim is holding in his hand in the water??

The shot of him and sweet-pea walking hand in hand is so precious. All the photos are beautiful, simply beautiful. It looks like a very lovely, memorable trip.


Trust your eagle eyes!!  Yes, that is my husband streaking around in Lake Superior!  He said he was trying to get the sand out of his suit, but I am not buying it…

I am sure he is thrilled that I put that on my blog. Bwahahahaahahah!!

Hummus Tostada “Pizza”

Hummus Tostada “Pizza”

4 T oil (about)

10 6-inch corn tortillas

2 8 oz containers hummus

1 med. jar roasted red and yellow pepper

2 14 oz. can artichoke hearts in water (drained and gently squeezed dry)

1 lb cooked Italian turkey sausage

Spread tortillas with hummus.  Top with peppers, artichokes and sausage.  Sprinkle with pepper.

Heat a bit of oil in pan on camp stove.  Slide tortilla with topping carefully into pan.  Cook until tortilla is crisp and toppings heated through.  If toppings are not heating as quickly as the tortilla is crisping up, cover pan.

Slide onto plate and repeat until all are cooked.

Michigan’s U.P. – Camping Menu

**I have been a bit lazy about posting.  Not really the writing, just the posting.  With all of our traveling and washing of sleeping bags, swimsuits and clothes and then repacking – well, I didn’t want to wait the couple of seconds to actually putmy entries on my blog…  So, being a cheater-pants, I am just back dating them to when I wrote my entries in the first place.  HA!**

For our week long camping to the U.P., I drug out my trusty packing list (here) and reused my breakfast/lunch menu.  Hey, if it’s not broke, don’t fix it, right?  That left dinner.  It needed to be flexible, tasty, and not use up too much time or fuel cooking.

One thing that I like to do (if I have the time and gumption) is to pre-cook and pre-slice some items to save time and fuel.  You can precook ground meat (any meat, really), fry tofu, whatever, then pack in heavy duty zip-top freezer bags and freeze.  Right before you leave, pop the frozen bag into your cooler.  This is nice for your first couple of nights out camping.

This trip’s menu:

Hummus Tostada “Pizza”


Canned Pears in juice


GFCF spaghetti

Tomato sauce with ground beef and veggies



Steak tacos (onions, peppers, beef for stir fry and salsa cooked together)

Veggie sticks



Kielbasa and veggie sauté (with rice penne pasta mixed with leftover tofu sour cream and seasonings)

Banana boat packets


Hot dogs




Trader Joe’s Pad Thai with veggies and canned chicken


Canned peaches in juice