Menu Plan Monday – January 24, 2011

Hi!  I have moved.  You can find this post at  🙂

14 responses to “Menu Plan Monday – January 24, 2011

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  2. Hi Angela,

    Thanks for hosting! Your menu sounds great. The bare-bones of my menu is up. Hopefully I’ll have some time to edit it tomorrow.

    Have a good week.

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  4. Hi Angela,
    Thanks so much for hosting! Hot chocolate cupcakes? wow. What a nice birthday treat!
    I posted a bit of an un-menu plan

  5. Sounds like it was an exciting week for you! Love the slow-cooker theme. I linked a couple of my favorites in my menu this week ( I’m looking forward to trying your sweet and sour chicken – maybe next week.

  6. Hi! Thank you for hosting. I’m jumping back into menu plan monday after a long absence! Here is my post:

    I don’t currently own a slow cooker but hope to get one soon!

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  9. Hi Angela,

    Thanks for hosting! The theme was really helpful and inspiring for me this week in planning my menu. Here’s a link to my post:

  10. Angela, I’m so in love with my crock. I got so tired of having a million different jars of kimchi or kraut and having to weight all of them down separately, etc. I looked for ages for a crock in thrift stores but had no luck, and then finally found an inexpensive (new) one at my local food coop. I highly recommend finding yourself a crock!

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  12. We have a vegetarian in our home and I am dairy and gluten free – coming up with recipes isn’t always easy. Had a mini freezer cooking day today:

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