Gluten Free & Dairy Free Girl Scout Cookie Makeover – Do-Si-Dos

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24 responses to “Gluten Free & Dairy Free Girl Scout Cookie Makeover – Do-Si-Dos

  1. MMMMMMMM,..these stylish filled cookies look like real winners!

  2. As a mom of a child with food allergies, and as a psychologist, I developed HomeFree cookies for all the reasons you described, especially wanting kids to be able to be included with everyone else. Our cookies are whole grain, delicious, and free of peanuts, tree nuts, eggs, and dairy, and fine for most people with wheat and soy allergies as well, and we recently added a line that are additionally gluten free. About a year ago we offered HomeFree to the Girl Scouts, and would be delighted to work with them as a specialty manufacturer to supplement their current offerings. What it takes is a lot of people asking, so I would encourage everyone to do as you have done and let them know that it really matters to us that they include our kids.

  3. The first ones you made look amazing. Your DD looks so happy eating her safe cookie. It is always an adventure trying to rework recipes… Looks like you succeeded 100%
    Allergy Mum –

  4. WOW! These sound great! Just curious: did you use So Delicious coconut milk or the kind from a can?

    • I just use what ever I have on hand. If you use the canned coconut milk, be sure to stir it up first. You just need a bit. The amount needed will depend on how moist your peanut butter is.

  5. Since dairy has always been out for me, I’ve never actually had Girl Scout Cookies. I think I’d like your version better anyway!

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  12. Tell me when you find a samoa recipe!! Unfortunatly my celiac disease does not tolerate gf oats as the protien is way too similar to gluten and causes intense pain 😦

    • I have a samoa at where I have moved to a hosted site. Hope to see you there!

      Use quinoa flakes instead of the GF oats. It is a tasty adaption and really ups the nutrition to boot!

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  14. Joy and Michael Fulkerson

    I just sent the Girl Scouts my request…I hope it helps! Thanks for putting the link in here so I didn’t have to search for it! Unfortunately, I tried using Bob’s Certified Gluten-Free oats a few years ago to make my son his first gf oatmeal cookies and he got sick. Anyone have any luck with another product? I’m not 100% positive it was the oats that made him sick, but can’t prove otherwise and he’s not willing to try again, so I have’t pursued it.

    • Besides Bob’s Certified GF Oats, there are some other brands available:
      Besides Bob’s Red Mill, some sources of gluten-free oats and gluten-free oat products are:

      Cream Hill Estates (
      Gluten-Free Oats (
      Only Oats (
      Bob’s Red Mill (
      Gift of Nature (
      Holly’s Au Natural Oatmeal (
      Tracey’s Treats (
      Desire Tree International (

      I have personally only had Bob’s and Cream Hill estates oats. Hope you find one that works for you, though it seems that not everyone can do oats, even if certified as gluten free. If you would like, you can replace the GF oats in the recipe with quinoa flakes, which is what I do when when I don’t want to use or don’t have GF oats. Hope that helps!

      More Girl Scout Cookie adaptions can be found at where I have moved the blog.

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  16. Do you have a recipe for vanilla cream or chocolate cream filling instead of peanut as my granddaughter is allergic to nuts also.
    Newly diagnosed she is also lactose intollerant.

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  19. We are also skipping Girl Scouts because of the entire cookie issue. However, for us it has to do with that we eat organic. Almost all of our food is organic. And if not actually organic, it’s free from processed sugar, flour, and various chemical preservatives and food colorings. Unless they come up with a cookie that does those things, we will not be joining.

  20. Maria Choronzuk

    I so agree on your comments regarding Girl Scout cookies! I can no longer have gluten, dairy, flax, soy or peanuts, among many other food intolerances. Finding foods to satisfy my sweet tooth has been a challenge. It is frustrating to go to the “gluten-free” aisle, only to find that most of the products contain soy and/or dairy. I don’t have time to bake from scratch or have the desire to do so for just myself. I am always on the look-out for suggestions, samples and coupons based on my limited options.

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