Menu Plan Monday – December 7, 2009

Sorry about the lack of blog time, but the little blogging break I took has left me feeling refreshed…  I think I needed more time to step back after everything was so crazy back in September/October, but didn’t do it when I should have (boy, does that catch up with you).  I have also got caught up on a couple of things (yay!), though there is always something keeping me jumping.  Gotta love it!

Head over to Laura’s for Menu Plan Monday.  With taking time off from blogging, I also haven’t been checking other blogs as much, and didn’t know she had changed her blog look.  It’s very spiffy!  The Gluten Free Menu Swap is being hosted by Lilac Kitchen.  She has chosen suet for the theme ingredient…  Um, huh…  Well, I do use suet for the bird seed ornament feeders the kids and I will be making this weekend, so there you go!


Gluten Free Menu Swap Monday

My hubby picked up some deals this past weekend, so our menu will be based on those, with a little Christmas baking thrown in.

Monday: MIT group/multi-school orchestra concert

Ground Beef Thai-seasoned patties, salad, clementines

Tuesday:  mom volunteer in school library/Piano lessons/big boy downhill ski club

Slow Cooker Turkey Sloppy Joes, gf buns, salad, apple slices

Wednesday: little girl dance class/youth group

Beef and Bean Soup, blender corn bread


pork chops, salad, spicy oven roasted sweet and regular potatoes

Friday: mom help with 1st grade math games/scrapbooking

Honey Hoisin Chicken (done gf), salad, and quinoa pilaf

6 responses to “Menu Plan Monday – December 7, 2009

  1. blender corn bread? color me intrigued!

    have a great week,

  2. Added you to the menu list. Glad you at least know what suet is 🙂 Sounds a lovely menu!

  3. Your weeks sound a lot like mine — seems busy every day. I don’t know how we manage to fit holiday activities into the schedule. 🙂
    What Thai seasoning do you use for the patties? Sounds great.

    • Wow, finally getting back to everybody… sorry about that…

      I just add a couple cloves garlic, thinly sliced green onions, fresh cilantro, a little chili paste, gf soy sauce – sometimes toasted sesame seed or finely minced lemon grass to the ground beef. You know, just Thai seasonings that may be laying around here until it seems good. Not really amounts, or a recipe, but I hope that helps some!

  4. Just noticed the “snow” on your site. How fun. I love it!

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