Menu Plan Monday – November 2, 2009

I hope you all had a fun weekend.  I gotta make this short and sweet today – places to go, people to see, and WAY behind on my work!!  Head over to Laura’s for Menu Plan Monday.  Lilac Kitchen is the host for the Gluten Free Menu Swap.  Catch ya later, alligator!


Monday: Braces apt/Girl Scout leader meeting/Boy scout meeting

Clean-out-the-fridge Chicken Skillet dinner with rosemary roasted potato wedges


Tuesday: mom volunteer in school library/piano lessons/H2O for life meeting at middle school/do Ground Beef Freezer Plan today

Meatballs and tomato sauce with quinoa noodles, GF French Bread and salad


Wednesday: little girl dance/middle girl drama club/Youth group

Roast Veggie and Tofu dinner, salad


Thursday: Middle school newspaper club/Girl Scout Caddette meeting

Pepper Steak with rice, salad


Roast Turkey, sesame green beens, salad

Saturday:  middle girl dance/make turkey stock

Wild rice chicken soup


Other things this week:  make kimchi, make 2 loaves GF bread, 1 loaf GF cinnamon swirl bread, make tomato sauce with frozen tomatoes, make 4 loaves GF French bread for freezer with olive oil and garlic, make pumpkin and banana muffins to freeze for breakfasts (my freezer is BARE!!).  Make plan for holiday baking, plan what to make ahead for Thanksgiving, work 17 hours data entry, plan GS meeting, etc., etc., etc…  I think I’ll skip cleaning my house just on principle…  ;o)

One response to “Menu Plan Monday – November 2, 2009

  1. You always seem so organized and busy. I have added you to the round up and love your ground beef freezer plan.

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