Girl Scout Day Camp 2009 – Friday

Today is the end of Girl Scout camp.  This weekend I will update this week’s posts with how things went and photos of all the fun!

breakfast: cheerios or pancakes, toast, sausages, bacon, bananas, fruit mix, milk, apple and orange juice

a.m. snack: chocolate pudding in ice cream cones

lunch: Walking tacos (hamburger, cheese, tomatoes, lettuce, doritos, sour cream, taco mild sauce)


water and whatever is left

desert:  “must go”  (what ever dessert is left)

No cereal for us.  For breakfast I had made pancakes and sausage with fruit the other day for lunch.  I packed enough pancakes and sausage for each of us for breakfast, then served the rest for lunch.  When I made bacon for the calico bean meal, I packed some bacon into the breakfast containers also.  It’s camp let’s go wild!

I was able to find a flat bottom cake-style cone at my local gluten free store!  Yay!  They are the ones from Let’s Do… They are so great and just the right size.  I love this company’s products.  Their sprinkles (gluten free, dairy free, no artificial ingredients) make every thing fun!  We will bring ZenSoy pudding cups for the pudding.

For the walking tacos, I have more of the ground meat cooked with onions, green pepper and tomatoes, individual bags of corn chips. toffuti sour cream etc.  The camp has left over popsicles they are saving for the girl’s dessert.  Nice!

2 responses to “Girl Scout Day Camp 2009 – Friday

  1. Angela-Sounds like we’re living the same life this past week. I used my Girl Scout Leader skills and camp recipes for the day camp I’m teaching this summer. Thanks for hosting the GF Menu Swap for the week.

  2. I love the idea of chocolate pudding in ice cream cones! If its made at home you know exactly what’s in it. Ice cream is so difficult to make. I’m sure the campers loved it.

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