Menu Plan Monday – January 12, 2009

Head over to Laura’s at Menu Plan Monday to see what will be on everyone else’s plat this week.  For the Gluten Free Menu Swap, see Fresh Ginger.  She has picked the theme of “locally grown” which is a little tough to pull off here (it is snowing, 10 degrees F with a windchill of 2 degrees F with a Winter Weather Advisory and a Wind Chill Advisory in effect), but I do have some things put up from my garden and the local farmer’s market this summer (canned, dried and frozen) and we have a bunch of grass-feed beef in the freezer that is from a local farm that we purchased in the fall.  I also have some sprouts growing on the kitchen counter for salads.  Can’t get more local than your kitchen counter!

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Gluten Free Menu Swap Monday

Monday:  Boy Scout meeting 

    Spicy Sweet Glazed Chicken, roasted sweet potatoes, salad


Tuesday:  Piano lessons/Middle school information night for my big girl (Eek!)

    peppered steak, mushrooms and roasted squash, salad


Wednesday:  Mommy volunteers at elementary school library/Mommy & daughter get hair cuts

    Sweet and Sour Pork Stir-fry and rice


Thursday:  Mommy volunteer in kindergarten/Daisy Girl Scout meeting

    Black Bean Tortilla Soup and salad (with leftover roasted sweet potatoes on salad)


Friday:  Mom Bible study/eye exams for the whole family (except Daddy)

    Sesame Chicken and bok choy 


This weekend:  Chicken, spinach, and tomato relish


Also to do this week (besides the regular housework-kid supervising/snuggling/transporting-cooking-baking-extravaganza that is my life!):  Work on upcoming class/put in 10-15 hours data entry work/bake cake for the upcoming girly birthday (after she decides on it)/make and send out b-day invites for next week/finish putting on patches on various Boy Scout and Girl Scout uniforms/sew a small knitting project bag (for the sock or mitten in progress that I haul around everywhere – I have a vision that I must make!!)

4 responses to “Menu Plan Monday – January 12, 2009

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  2. Hi Angela!

    Thanks for the link about Fresh Ginger! I didn’t know about the Gf recipe swap! Love your site!!!

    So, how did your blender waffles turn out? I hope well!


    • The waffles turned out great! Thank you so much! Really lovely with coconut yogurt and lingonberry sauce. Yum! (my version of my mom’s favorite Swedish sour cream/lingonberry waffle topping)

      GF Goodness is the temporary swap headquarters for the GF swap and there is a different host each week. She has a link on the right of her blog page with the “temp swap hdqtrs” on it to see who that week’s host is. You should join in! Your menus are always so awesome and healthy. You have so much to share!

  3. Happy Birthday! You’re an awesome kid!

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