Menu Plan Monday – January 5, 2009

Head over to Laura’s for Menu Plan Monday and see what is on everyone else’s plate this week!  She has a link today to an article about cooking for someone with a gluten intolerance when you don’t have to do it everyday (such as having a celiac over for dinner).  I will have to check that out, and maybe print it off to share…

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For the Gluten Free Menu Swap, Gluten Free Goodness is hosting.  She has picked soups for this week’s theme, one of my favorite things.

Gluten Free Menu Swap Monday


Monday:  Back to School/Boy Scout Court of Honor (my son is advancing to First Class!)

  In the kitchen:  bake banana bread muffins (freeze for snacks/breakfasts), menu plan

  Meatloaf, “Smashed” Cauliflower, steamed veggies

Tuesday:  Piano lessons

  In the kitchen:  grocery shop, mix up ground beef freezer plan and part of chicken freezer plan (chicken is on sale~) to restock freezer

  Veggie Soup in the slow cooker (will post recipe on Thursday for Slow Cooking Thursday if tasty), blender corn bread or crispy GF breadsticks

Wednesday:  Mommy volunteer at the elementary school library

  In the kitchen:  bake 3 loaves GFCF Swedish “Rye” Bread

  Garlic Dijon Chicken, roasted vegetables, salad


Thursday:  Junior Girl Scout meeting (my daughter and another girl are leading)

  Basque Stew in the slow cooker and salad


Friday:  Mom’s Bible study/fundraiser night at elementary school/Boy Scout weekend winter camping/Gluten Free-zer Friday!!

  Turkey Meatballs, rice pasta and salad


This weekend, teff gingerbread muffins for the lunch boxes, and turkey, winter squash and kale soup…

5 responses to “Menu Plan Monday – January 5, 2009

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  2. love your menu plan, especially the smashed cauliflower. Unfortunately, my kids are onto that and know that it is not mashed potatoes. The first couple of times I made mashed potatoes after I made cauliflower mash, my kids would quiz me – “Are these real mashed potatoes or that other kind?”….I have learned my lesson, I only bring them out together!

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