Organized Christmas – Day 42

Day 42 says, “We did it! Time to look ahead to holidays’ end.  Today, we hang a wreath on the door to open the season. At month’s end, a post-holiday debriefing will set the stage for an organized Christmas in 2009!…

This is not to say that we’re all ready! I’d venture that 98% of us still have more to do. Not only is this no surprise, but it’s normal. That’s why the Countdown ends where it does. There’s still time to complete holiday preparation, and nearly all of us will need it.

At the same time, look how far we’ve come! If you’ve been trying, you should be well ahead of the Christmas game. Better, the notes, forms and records you’ve assembled will be next year’s road map to an even easier season.”


Today’s recipe is Date-Nut Bread.  For a gluten free one, I would make this insanely delicious sounding/looking Dark Date & Pecan Spice Bread from Deliciously Gluten Free. In fact, I see this in my very near future!  Yum!

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