Gluten Free-zer Friday – Salsa Burgers

Time for Gluten Free-zer Friday!  Check out Freezer Food Friday over at MJ’s (link up something yummy!) then stop on back.  If you have a gluten free recipe that you would like to share, post it on your site and link it here.  Then leave me a comment below and I will add you to the Gluten Free-zer Friday roundup.  Thanks!  




We bought part of a cow not that long ago…  This is a super easy meal to have on hand.  Serve with a salad, steamed or stir fried veggies when you cook them.  


Salsa Burgers

2 lbs ground beef
1 cup gluten free salsa (your choice – I like Green Mountain Gringo’s Roasted Garlic)

Place ground beef in a bowl and mix in salsa until well combined. Shape into 8 patties.

Place plastic wrap or wax paper on cookie sheet.  Place burgers on cookie sheet to flash freeze in the freezer. When frozen, place the frozen burgers in a freezer bag or container, separating with wax paper.

When you are ready to cook: Thaw burgers in refrigerator.  Cook on grill or in skillet until cooked through and no longer pink. Top with guacamole and more salsa, if desired. Serve in gluten free hamburger buns if you choose.



Participating in Gluten Free-zer Friday:

1. If you would like to participate, simply email your post link or leave a comment below and I will add you to the roundup.

2. Link back to this post on the post with the recipe you have linked.

4 responses to “Gluten Free-zer Friday – Salsa Burgers

  1. Looks good and you know exactly what is in your burger. Thanks for participating. Sorry to be late getting here!


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  3. YUM! What a great idea! You could do kind of the same thing with chicken–freeze breasts in salsa, and then cook in the oven or crockpot (dump chicken style). I love salsa chicken but I’d never thought of salsa burgers. And with guac…my mouth is watering!


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