Organized Christmas – Day 22

Day 22 starts Get Cooking Week.  Woo hoo!  This week’s focus will be to explore frugal holiday meals, plan family dinners, and clean out freezers.  I like to double one or two meals each week starting (I started the end of October, but you can start any time) that I know freezes well, cool, wrap well, label and freeze it for during the holiday season.  It doesn’t take extra time on my part while I am cooking a meal for dinner that night, but does it ever save me time and energy when I need a cooking night off during the up coming festivities.


The recipe is a Thanksgiving Blessing Mix.  As Bugles have gluten and dairy, I would skip that and make a cone out of construction paper and nestle the snack mix inside for the cornucopia part of the mix.  Replace the M & M’s with GFCF snack of your choice (such as Gorilla Munch) and replace the Hershey Kisses with gluten and dairy free chocolate chips.  Alter the gift tag to reflect the changes.

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