Organized Christmas – Day Five

Today’s task is to make a “master gift list.”  I really like this one and have one started in my email, actually, as crazy as it sounds.  I carry my phone in my pocket and can access my e-mail on it.  Any time I have an idea of something my kids, sister, husband, etc. would really like, I access the “Christmas List” e-mail and add the idea on, then forward to myself.  It has been nice to keep track of the things they are really interested in.  I always find myself trying to remember the name of a game or book when grandparents ask for gift ideas, but now it is at my fingertips.  I have been keeping and eye out since the summer when I remembered about this list from last year.  This is a super handy tip.  


The recipe is homemade toffee.  I use a recipe similar to this, replacing the butter with Earth Balance and being sure to use GFCF chocolate chips.

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