Organized Christmas starts Sunday, October 26th!

Sunday is the official kick off for  This is a great program to “simplify your holidays and get ready for the Christmas season.”  I love to follow their schedule every year.  It really streamlines things so I can really focus on the reason for Christmas, not on all the craziness that can pull at you during that time.  It lasts for six weeks and each week has a different focus:  Get Organized, Reality Check, Gifts and Giving, Get Cooking, Decorate, and Celebrate.  There are assignments for each day and free print outs to help you along.  


I usually do a bit more baking and making freezer meals for the Christmas season than Organized Christmas calls for.  Mostly because I like to, but also because it’s just a reality of being a gluten and dairy free family.  Spreading out the extra cooking makes it easier on my budget and time.  Then, when Christmas rolls around, I can actually enjoy my family when we celebrate together (and not fall asleep in my dinner!).  


I will try to post what I am doing over the next few weeks to get ready for the holiday season as I follow along with  If anyone has any great ideas that you do for Christmas, please share!  The more, the merrier!

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