Hello from a new blog site!

You can still get to my old information on the links to your right under “Blogroll”.  Over time, everything will be moved over (pictures, too, as soon as I figure that out), be easier to search and hopefully load up much faster.  At this point I am just trying to get content shoved over as fast as I can (I have to do it all manually.  Uhg!)  Later, I will clean up the old entries and reattach the photos.  Your patience is greatly appreciated.

Thank you,


6 responses to “Hello from a new blog site!

  1. Hey good thing you have a WordPress professional for a friend…..and how cool is it that you chose the same template as me???? Yeah for blogging chicks!

    I can help with the photos and any other WordPress junk- believe me, I have wrestled with this stuff and now feel like I can teach someone WP in my sleep. And maybe yours.

    Whaddaya say??

  2. That would be awesome! I am trying to get used to this one… Whew! Help? Yeah, that I totally need!

  3. Hi Angela,

    I’ve tagged you as one of my favorite “excellent” blogs

  4. Thank you, Cheryl! I feel really honored, especially because I consider you such an inspiration. How sweet of you!

  5. Hi Angela — although now, I’m not sure how I ended up at your blog, but I’m glad I did. I don’t think I’ve ever been here before. This GF blogosphere does get a bit confusing at times though, so who knows?

    Can’t wait to see Angela’s Kitchen when you get things put into place. Kind of like moving to a new house (or kitchen)! It looks like you have great things going on and it’s also nice that you have a WP helper husband. I LOVE your fall cookie photo header. Beautiful.

  6. Hi Angela, thanks for the comment and words of encouragment, I’m looking forward to finding lots more GF/CF dinners to make, and would love to be part of a Gluten free menu swap. Casein isn’t as hard as Gluten, because there’s good substitutes for milk, and most recipes I can eliminate the cheese on his portion at least. I look forward to getting t o know you and sharing some yummy recipes!!!

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