Menu Plan Monday


Wow!  I have been a traveling fool the past couple of weeks.  This past weekend my fab friends got together and spent a weekend at the Dells WITHOUT kids.  These women are awesome.  They inspire me every single day.  They are more than just my Bible study group, they are amazing friends brought together by God who I feel so honored to know.  I love you guys!  Plus, they sure know how to make me laugh!  Above, at the table:  Laurie, Libby, CariShawnAndreaSarah.  Standing:  meKimberly, and Shannon.  Yes, most of my friends you will recognize from my blog’s front page.  Almost all of us are blogging-mammas!


Each day this week I plan on posting something about the Gluten Free Culinary Summit I attended.  So, come on back and check it out. 


This week my crock pot is going into overdrive.  I have 3 things to make in the slow cooker and I am also cooking up a big batch of beans to freeze (instead of using canned – cheaper and less salt, etc.).  Head over to Menu Plan Monday for lots of menu ideas.  And if you need just gluten free menus, check out the Gluten Free Menu Swap hosted this week by Living Free.


**Edited on Wednesday – gotta flip some days around…

Monday:  braces adjustment/boy scouts/set up cornbread for tomorrow/mix bread starter

        Gluten Free Chicken Noodle Soup


Tuesday:  bake 3 loaves gfcf bread/piano lessons

         Spicy Sweet Glazed Chicken and mixed veggies


Wednesday:  Mom volunteer in school library/big girl doctor apt/mommy volunteer training meeting at church 

        Thai thighs, rice, mixed veggies



        Salmon and Slow Cooker Sweet Potatoes


Friday:  Mommy Bible study 

        Calico beans and corn bread (make an extra batch to freeze)

This weekend:  Apple picking, apple pie, apple sauce, apple butter, dried apples and  Joan’s Sow cooker pork chopswith mixed veggies

(Shhhh….!  Don’t tell the kids we hit the water park while we were gone!)


Comments from my old blog:

Tuesday, September 30, 2008 – 08:05 PM
Slow cooker weeks are great, love the sound of Salmon and Slow Cooker Sweet Potatos, yum!

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