Menu Plan Monday

I hope you all had a great 4th of July.  We did.  We had lunch of almost all corn on the cob (we promised my oldest daughter she could eat as much as she wants this summer because she is getting braces on August 11th), then headed over to one of my hubby’s friends for a barbeque and fireworks.  You couldn’t ask for better weather or better company.  Thanks, guys!


This week I get to incorporate things from my garden.  Woo-hoo!  Though, my family may get sick of zucchini eventually.  (Insert evil mom laugh here.)


Head on over to Menu Plan Monday to see whet is on everyone else’s plates this week.  Also, for gluten free menu’s go over to the Gluten Free Menu Swap hosted this week by Gluten Free Goodness.  Have a great week!










Monday:  Youth Bible study/orchestra/pick up mixes for Friday’s training/soccer game

Chicken Stir Fry and rice – I will be cleaning out veggies in the fridge with this…


Tuesday:  little girl soccer/preschool play date/Orchestra and band/grocery store/farmer’s market/Make gluten free bread (3 loaves)/bake gf cupcakes for b-day party on Thursday

Beef and Zucchini Fajitas, Spinach Salad with berries and poppy seed dressing


Wednesday:  Mommy work 6 hours/Orchestra and band/soccer practice

Pan seared fish (some sort of white fish) with a fresh herb olive oil, pea pod sauté


Thursday: Orchestra/Prep for training tomorrow/Bake zucchini bread and muffins (Double batch, freeze half)/B-day party for a little buddy

Mediterranean-style Chicken Breasts (double recipe and freeze half), Salad 


Friday:  Gluten Free staff training at Lakewinds

BLT’s with avocados, blend of garden veggies, and homemade ice cream or gelato


I need to figure out where to work 9 more hours, also…  I would like to NOT do it on the weekend, but I think I may have to.  


This weekend:  I need to get more summer fruit prepped for the freezer to make into jam later.  Make pancake mixes up for cupboard.  Inventory freezer and see what needs to be used up.  Inventory flours and see what I need to use up.  Make menu plan for visitors, so I know what still needs to be made early and what I can fit into my budget for the next couple of weeks to spread the spending out.  Get camping gear out of my back room  and back to the basement storage area and move my piano in there.  (Yeah, I know it sounds like a lot, but I am really behind on my house work and need to catch up, so it’s my own fault…  But I have great kids to help with the shoveling cleaning.)  And of course, weed, harvest greens, replant.  I love not having to buy salad this time of year!






















                                                                                    EARS of corn…get it?  















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