Menu Plan Monday

Well, it has finally been warm enough for teddy bear picnics around here.  I don’t think I could wear that same outfit with the same amount of style!  Oh, to be as stylin’ as a five year old!


And the count down continues…only two more weeks left of school for the big kids.  Of course, that does mean an orchestra field trip to the MOA, piano recital, a couple of baseball games, a soccer game, and a soccer practice just for this week.  This weekend doesn’t seem any less crazy with a Girl Scout field trip to learn about archery, and the AL Classic competition for Little League.  I am glad we spent yesterday with friends having a barbeque at my groovy friend Cari’shouse.  It was such a nice relaxing break in the end of school year craziness, even if we did have to bring the kids inside for part of it due to storms.  


One thing I do realize, is that this craziness is something I am grateful for.  This past weekend very close by a tornado hit and a family lost a child.  My step-sister’s family in Iowa lost their home and all their things in the same storm system, but fortunately her family is all safe.  In all of this busy time of year these are the things I am not having to do:  I am not cleaning up from a storm.  The end of the school year has not been cut short because our town has been flattened.  I am not mourning the loss of a loved one.  I am not wondering ‘what are we to do now’?  Food allergies and extra things on the calendar seem pretty small challenges in light of so much else around us…  


Today we will be eating some leftovers from the barbeque yesterday (a Napa Cabbage Slaw and heirloom tomato/green bean/corn salad with burgers made by my Dad, mini vanilla cupcakes with “buttercream”, and allergen free brownie bites).  For the rest of the week into the weekend, I will be reviewing my dishes for my upcoming class.  My poor family often has to eat recipes that I am teaching several times a week, while I streamline things for my class.  I do like to be prepared!  This week in no particular order they will be eating:  Ginger Beef and Broccoli with Jasmine Rice, Veggie Hummus Wrap Sandwiches with Quinoa Tabouli, Slow Cooker Ribs with updated ABC Salad (Apple, Bok Choy, and Carrots Slaw), Tilapia and Summer Veggie Packets with Corn Fritters, and Apple Turkey Burgers with Spinach-Strawberry Salad.  Also, Brownie and Coconut Sorbet Sandwiches will be in the making…   


I don’t have any plan on which will happen on which day at this point.  I have the ingredients and will let the day’s activities dictate what ends up on our plates that day.  I think my brain is already on vacation!




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