The trials of a teapot cake…

Today we celebrated my big girl’s birthday at home.  The big one-Oh!  Yep, she’s ten years old and growing up to be quite the lovely young lady with such a loving heart…

For her birthday she wanted a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting shaped like a teapot.  Above is the photo of what I created for her.  (Angela’s note:  at least there will be when I can get my hubby to sort out the wire insanity by the computer so I can download the photo!  Isn’t the turtle shaped a little like a teapot?  Maybe not…)  If you look very closely, you will see some of the trouble I had.  I was feeling a bit lazy and didn’t want to make a batch of cutout dough for the handle and spout.  I had some experimental coconut shortbread dough in the fridge already made up, so I used that.  It turned out to be much to fragile of a cookie to make into pieces that large.  Notice the clear plastic knife I have holding up the spout.  The silly thing kept falling off.  At least I got a photo of it and my daughter saw it before it fell off too many times.  We finally just ate the spout and were done with it!  The cake was still tasty without the spout.

Note to self:  next time just make the right dough for the cookie pieces!!  Ugh!

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