Michigan’s U.P. – Camping Menu

**I have been a bit lazy about posting.  Not really the writing, just the posting.  With all of our traveling and washing of sleeping bags, swimsuits and clothes and then repacking – well, I didn’t want to wait the couple of seconds to actually putmy entries on my blog…  So, being a cheater-pants, I am just back dating them to when I wrote my entries in the first place.  HA!**

For our week long camping to the U.P., I drug out my trusty packing list (here) and reused my breakfast/lunch menu.  Hey, if it’s not broke, don’t fix it, right?  That left dinner.  It needed to be flexible, tasty, and not use up too much time or fuel cooking.

One thing that I like to do (if I have the time and gumption) is to pre-cook and pre-slice some items to save time and fuel.  You can precook ground meat (any meat, really), fry tofu, whatever, then pack in heavy duty zip-top freezer bags and freeze.  Right before you leave, pop the frozen bag into your cooler.  This is nice for your first couple of nights out camping.

This trip’s menu:

Hummus Tostada “Pizza”


Canned Pears in juice


GFCF spaghetti

Tomato sauce with ground beef and veggies



Steak tacos (onions, peppers, beef for stir fry and salsa cooked together)

Veggie sticks



Kielbasa and veggie sauté (with rice penne pasta mixed with leftover tofu sour cream and seasonings)

Banana boat packets


Hot dogs




Trader Joe’s Pad Thai with veggies and canned chicken


Canned peaches in juice

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