Yeah, I am alive and well, but I need a nap!!

Well, when I was going to be “posting on Wednesday,” little did I realize that it was going to be in TWO Wednesdays from then…  Oops!  Life has a tendency to be zippy this time of year (when isn’t it?) and I just sat back and was washed into the flood of fun.  End of the year preschool concerts, end of the year band concerts, Girl Scout bridging, end of the year school picnics, track and field day, speech ice cream socials, and so on, and so on…Oh, yeah, soccer and baseball, too!!  Woo-hoo!!   Today is the last full day of school, just two more half days to go.  Does that seem weird to anyone else?



June 5, 2007

WholeSoy & Co. is recalling “WholeSoy & Co. Blueberry Soy Yogurt” due to

undeclared milk.

The affected product comes in 6-oz. containers with a date code of 6/22/07,

and UPC 664372600086.

WholeSoy & Co. has requested that distributors alert retailers to pull all

Blueberry Soy Yogurt with date code 6/22/07 from their shelves.

Consumers who have purchased the product are urged to return it to the

place of purchase, or discard it, and contact WholeSoy & Co. for a full

refund. Consumers with questions may contact WholeSoy & Co. at (877) 569-


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