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Organized Christmas – Day 34

Day 34 for Organized Christmas talks about recording holiday memories and there is a free printable holiday journal form.


Today’s recipe is one we love to make:  cinnamon ornaments!  Yay!

Organized Christmas – Day 33

Day 33 lands on Thanksgiving, so the assignment is to give thanks!


Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!  

Organized Christmas – Day 32

On Day 32 of Organized Christmas, talks about enjoying the “Holiday House.”  Switching off the stress of the holidays and focusing on the childlike expectation of the upcoming season…


The recipe for the day says, “today’s recipe … What? You need a recipe, today of all days? Get back in that kitchen!”    Ha, ha, ha!

Organized Christmas – Day 31

Day 31 of Organized Christmas has us taking stock of what we have for decorating, organizing and cleaning it up.


Today’s recipe is Oatmeal Scotchies.  I haven’t found a dairy free butterscotch chip, so if any one has, please let me know!  I would replace this with Like Real Oatmeal Cookies from Delightfully Gluten Free.

Organizing Christmas – Day 30

Day 30 talks about making a “tearfile” to sort your holiday ideas.  I use this technique with recipes and cookie design ideas, actually.  I have all the photos I have seen in magazines and newspapers over the past few years in a 3 ring binder so I can remember the great cookie design ideas I have seen.  My binder is a great jumping off point for our own designs when we bake!


The recipe for today is Lemon Sugar Cookies.  You could try the amaranth flour-based GF Lemon Sugar Cut-out Cookie from or the GF version of Lemon-Basil Sugar Cookie from CF Whitney.  Alter the dairy to the same amount of dairy substitute (such as GFCF milk substitute or Earth Balance Buttery Spread) as needed in the recipe to make dairy free also.

Organized Christmas – Day 29

Day 29 heralds decorate week!  With the coming of Decorate Week, the countdown will focus “less on preparation, more on celebration.”  


Today’s recipe is a silly stocking stuffer of “Snowman Poop!”  It’s basically mini marshmallows and a cute free printable gift tag.  Just be sure to get GFCF marshmallows and you are good to go!

Organized Christmas – Day 28

Day 28 is about saving money on holiday meals.  Good tips…


The recipe is M&M Cookies in a Jar.  Check the my Gifts in Jar post for gluten and dairy free jar gifts or make these cool Gifts in a Jar for the bath:  Candy Cane Bath Salts and Peaches and Cream Bath Salts.

Organized Christmas – Day 27

Day 27 encourages you to do a mini-freezer cooking session and to think of baking as streamlining into a “specialty.”   This way you are only making one type of thing if you are baking for gifts, not a bunch of different things.  


Today’s recipe is biscotti.  For gluten free biscotti, try the corn-almond biscotti from Cookies in Motion, or Almond & Orange Zest Biscotti from Cooking for Engineers (love that name!).

Organized Christmas – Day 26

Day 26 is all about planning your holiday baking.  Yes, there are so many traditions tied to food around the holidays, but when is enough enough?  Holiday baking should be a pleasure, so think smaller and more simple.  


Now, we do a lot of baking around here, but for our family, the time we spend on the creation of holiday goodies IS part of our tradition, more than how many cookies we can make, which means that is how we choose to spend our time instead of some other holiday activity we could be doing instead.  We pick a couple we all would like to make and eat and just focus on those.  Also, doubling up on batches of drop cookies and bars (so much easier than the shaped ones) help fill out our Thanksgiving and Christmas cookie trays, thanks to storing some in the freezer.


The recipe for today is a freezer recipe for a mac and cheese with ham cubes.  I would freeze a batch of  Chicken Wild Rice Soup instead.  It is so comforting on those busy days ahead…

Organized Christmas – Day 25

Day 25‘s assignment is to plan holiday meals.  There is even a nifty free holiday menu planner!  Thanksgiving’s menu is all set (along with a time line) thanks to using my Thanksgiving menu plan…  And We have narrowed down our cookie choices (baking and cookies are a BIG deal around here, because, really it’s an edible craft project), and Christmas dinner is nailed down due to some serious Swedish family traditions.  This year I am going to be working on a gluten and dairy free lefse (I hope).  I’ll let you know how that goes.  Wish me luck!


Today’s recipe is a candy called Aunt Bill’s Brown Candy.  Try replacing the cream with coconut milk and the butter with Earth Balance Buttery Spread.  Or try this recipe from Rachel R. on Wellsphere.